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    JIDUN | Excellent staff selection in the third quarter

    Release date:2021-11-06 08:36:52 Visits:495

    A few days ago, in order to promote the company’s entrepreneurial spirit, show the demeanor of the outstanding employees of the company, and form a good atmosphere in which everyone strives to be advanced and everyone strives to contribute to the company’s development. A good reflection of the talent management policy of "Strictly grasping products, and responsibilities to people". After the company''''s research and decision, we will commend employees who have performed well in the third quarter of 2021.


    At the morning meeting, President Shen of Jidun New Thermal Equipment Wuxi Co., Ltd. first summarized the work of the previous quarter, praised some serious and responsible employees, and also criticized the problems that occurred in daily production. and emphasized that with the arrival of the peak sales season, the work has become more and more busy, but we must complete the work with quality and quantity, and ensure that every part, every process, and every window length on our condensing boiler Boilers can have quality assurance. After all, the quality of boiler manufacturers is related to life and safety, so each of our employees must be certified and responsible for their own work, and must ensure product quality.

    Subsequently, Mr. Shen also issued cash red envelopes for the selected employees, and encouraged other employees who were not selected this time to make persistent efforts and strive to get cash rewards next time.