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    "China Clean Heating Industry Development Report 2021" Expert Symposium Held in Beijing

    Release date:2021-09-16 14:34:51 Visits:596

    On April 6, 2021, the "China Clean Heating Industry Development Report 2021" expert symposium was held at the Secretariat of the Clean Heating Industry Committee (CHIC). Liu Yanhua, Former Counselor of the State Council, Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Zhang Yuqing, Former Deputy Director of the National Energy Administration, Bai Rongchun, Former Director of the Resource Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Department of the State Economic and Trade Commission, Ma Rong, Former Deputy Director of the Department of Environmental Resources of the National Development and Reform Commission, National Leading experts such as Dai Yande, researcher and former director of the Energy Research Institute of the Development and Reform Commission, and Li Yuhang, assistant researcher of the China Agenda 21 Management Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, attended the meeting as report consultants; the meeting was organized by CHIC director, researcher of the State Council Development Research Center, and former deputy inspector Zhou Hongchun presided over the meeting. CHIC Executive Deputy Director Li Changzheng, Secretary-General Zhou Chun, and Deputy Secretary-General Yang Hongzhen attended the meeting.

    CHIC Secretary-General Zhou Chun reported the overall situation of the industry report to the leading experts. The leading experts at the meeting affirmed the report as a whole. They believed that the report was modern, forward-looking and leading, and it firmly grasped the focus and hot topics of industrial development, especially every year. The release of key data on industrial development is helpful for government authorities to understand the status quo of industrial development, and enterprises in the industry can grasp the development trend, which is of great significance to the development of the industry. Leading experts commented on the report''''s framework structure, content focus, etc., and put forward specific opinions and revision suggestions in terms of policy recommendations, development trends, and technical guidance.

    The "China Clean Heating Industry Development Report" is a series of annual brand reports issued by the Clean Heating Industry Committee (CHIC), an organization of my country’s clean heating industry. The experience and lessons, technical products, green finance, business models, typical cases, etc. are sorted out and analyzed, the laws of industrial development are summarized, the trends and prospects of industrial development are predicted, and decision-making reference and literature materials are provided for government departments, enterprises and related institutions. At present, two reports have been published: "China Clean Heating Industry Development Report 2019" and "China Clean Heating Industry Development Report 2020".

    "China Clean Heating Industry Development Report 2021" is expected to be published nationwide in late May this year.