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    Electrical Engineer

    【Job Responsibilities】
    1. The integrity and authenticity of audit records
    2. Have the right to suggest changes or improvements in product testing methods
    3. Provide feedback on abnormal conditions of product design, structure and experimental debugging
    4. The right to dispose of general product testing issues
    Right to suggest the electrification of product design

    【Job Requirements】
    1. Electrical, automation control, mechatronics related majors.
    2. Experience in electrical work related to automation equipment in Japanese companies, European and American companies is preferred
    3. Familiar with the design, production and programming ability of PLC system
    4. Familiar with the relevant theoretical knowledge of mechanical and electrical design
    5. Familiar with electrical field wiring assembly, assembly and debugging technology
    6. Selection and management of automation and electrical related parts and equipment
    7. Assemble the wiring of the electrical cabinet
    8. Responsible for the electrical design, debugging, installation and programming of automation equipment
    9. Complete related tasks assigned by superiors

    Marketing Manager

    【Job Responsibilities】
    1. Fully responsible for the company''''s brand image planning, brand promotion and management, establish and enhance brand influence;
    2. Formulate and implement brand marketing strategies, tactics, regional coverage and promotion plans, including routine maintenance;
    3. Organize research and analysis of the brand market, study the development of the industry, and provide suggestions for market strategy decisions;
    4. Understand product market information and trends, analyze sales and market development, and propose written sales planning plans;
    5. Responsible for supervising and managing the product activity site.

    【Job Requirements】
    1. Bachelor degree or above, three years of relevant work experience in marketing planning, and relevant work experience in the home appliance and real estate industry is preferred;
    2. Excellent strategic thinking ability, communication and coordination ability and resource integration ability, able to withstand high-intensity work pressure;
    3. Familiar with brand promotion operations, have a high degree of market sensitivity, have excellent brand marketing planning capabilities and integrated communication skills;
    4. Familiar with various media, communication methods, advantages and disadvantages of traffic, and have relevant resources;
    5. Active thinking, daring to innovate, have a high degree of work enthusiasm and professionalism, have a good team spirit, and be competent for fast-paced work;
    6. Have a solid copywriting ability.
    7. Can adapt to business trips (Southwest, Beijing)

    Mechanical Structure Engineer

    【Job Responsibilities】

    1. Responsible for product internal structure design, internal parts design, production tooling development and design, etc.;
    2. Responsible for coordination and communication with hardware engineers, embedded engineers and other professionals, and propose mechanical structure design plans;
    3. Responsible for the three-dimensional digital model design of the structure, and generate drawings that can be used for processing and production in accordance with the company''''s specifications;
    4. For the mechanical structure with special requirements, it can complete the preliminary simulation analysis, formulate the test plan, and complete the test tooling design;
    5. According to the mechanical structure problems found in the process of production, processing, assembly, testing, etc., provide corresponding solutions;



    1. Major in mold design or machinery, college degree or above.
    2. Familiar with the design principles of mechanical automation equipment, proficient in the use of CAD/Solidwork and other related design software.
    3. Capable of mechanical drawing and 3D image recognition.
    4. Work initiative, active, unity and cooperation, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and analytical creativity;