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    Brand Story


    Yishu Home——JIDUN American Jidun, art makes a comfortable life.

    Lev Tolstein said, "Art is the mirror of life." Everything that is called a classic is blooming with its own artistic light. JIDUN America is like this. From 1 to 2, from 2 to 3, it''''''''''''''''s not difficult. But creating 1 from 0 is impossible even for 100 mortals. What is needed is the inspiration of a genius. This lamp of inspiration, JIDUN America found it. "We want to do something different: someone has done it, and we have done it well enough; no one has done it, and we became the first."

    JIDUN, the predecessor of the brand, invested and built a factory in China in 1984. Starting from the research and development of heat exchangers, it officially launched a strong momentum for the brand to enter China. Originated from the United States and rooted in China, Jidun adheres to the brand concept of''''''''''''''''Technology creates the future and leads ecological life'''''''''''''''', and is brave to be the industry''''''''''''''''s''''''''''''''''pathfinder''''''''''''''''. More than 30 years of heavy accumulation has made JIDUN accumulated today.

    In 1992, JIDUN first introduced the heat exchanger manufacturing standard in the industry. In 1999, it was the first to launch a gas-fired hot water hot backup heat exchanger in China. In 2008, JIDUN successfully launched a stainless steel condensing heat exchanger in China... A well-known brand supplier, the heat exchanger, which is the core component of water heaters and hot water boilers developed and produced by its heat exchanger factory, provides OEM/ODM R&D and production supporting services for many well-known brands. Honor flogging forward, the actual combat knows that the experience is valuable, and the study creates the glory of glory.

    In 2013, JIDUN''''''''''''''''s fully premixed condensing heating and hot water equipment from the United States fully entered the Chinese market.

    From R&D to sales, JIDUN has spent decades.
    Today, the JIDUN market has covered the Yangtze River Delta, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the southwest region. Behind the results are thousands of JIDUN people who have worked together day and night.

    Take scientific and technological innovation as the driving force and customer satisfaction as the goal. JIDUN is widely praised by the industry with its strong professional technical reserves and advanced product testing equipment. The self-developed Spring series wall-hung boilers, Summer series floor-standing furnaces, and Sun series commercial furnaces integrate environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency. They cover three major sections of household, light commercial, and commercial series. They all adopt European standards, and the design concept runs through "practicality and "Green type", both in appearance and performance are comparable to similar imported products.

    After decades of research and development, JIDUN''''''''''''''''s products have reached the leading level in the industry. Its Spring series, Summer series and Sun series products have achieved high user satisfaction and a win-win situation in terms of production environment and hygiene standards. In terms of materials, JIDUN America selects stainless steel materials to ensure the sustainable use of every inch of resources; in terms of production environment, every product of JIDUN America is developed in a safe and pollution-free specialized production base, and adopts international The cutting-edge full pre-condensation technology fully guarantees the safety and environmental protection of the product. Today, as the concept of green and ecological life is becoming more and more popular, JD has always shouldered a sense of mission and responsibility as an enterprise, "zero pollution production, zero pollution discharge, and strive to create a harmonious and beautiful living space."
    "A good R&D environment can produce high-quality products, so that consumers can use them with peace of mind, peace of mind, and a more comfortable life." This has been the pursuit of the United States Jidun.

    Serve consumers, worthy of the heart. Only by creating oneself can one achieve oneself.

    Use products as a bridge to inherit the cultural core. A company with a soul relies on products with temperature. JIDUN United States Jidun, practice it in Sri Lanka.

    "How far is the distance from 0 to 1? Thirty years hasn''''''''''''''''t been that long." "Go forward, go forward." "There must be dreams at all times, and everything starts from there." JIDUN USA A dreamer who dares to take risks is an excellent pathfinder. Share a comfortable life with the beauty of art. The mystery of life lies in art. JIDUN America is willing to find it with you.

    JITON U.S. branch